Import and Export

The first established subsidiary in 1975 specialized in importing automotive spare parts
continued to grow and relevantly lead the market with professionalism and dedication.
Standing as a sole agent and/ or distributor for highly reputable automotive spare
parts brands; handling the sophisticated logistics and storage operations in a fully
experienced manner.


AMCF is specialized in manufacturing and bottling a range of automotive fluids including
brake fluid, battery, automatic transmission fluid, grease and hydraulic oil.

Car spare parts

This subsidiary is specialized in importing automotive spare parts for all types of
vehicles; in collaboration with our partners we serve the Middle East and many
areas in North Africa presenting a wide range of products including body
panels, lamps, accessories, etc.


Trading and distribution

AMTD is the trading and distribution arm of Al Manar group with a vast network of distributional vehicles offering comprehensive coverage and
timely delivery to clients. AMTD is recognized for its unique logistical operations, which utilizes a huge fleet and a professional sales and
distribution team, serving the automotive and the transportation industries.


This subsidiary is specialized in storage, established in 1997 to store parts and goods coming
from different regions for the purpose of distribution or re-exporting. This subsidiary provides
clients with beneficial advantages in terms of packing, bottling, and grouping of goods
before distribution or re-exporting with an unrivaled rate.