Abdel Alim Nawara

Chairman of Al Manar Group

Over 40 years experience in management, economic and international business. Mr. Abdel Alim has held various roles such as President of the Egyptian-Tunisian Economic Chamber, Chairman of Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Egyptian Tunisian Business Council, and Board Member of the French Arab Chamber of Commerce in Paris.


CEO of Al Manar Group

A Graduate of School of Business, from the AUC and an Executive Masters degree in the same discipline. Ahmed participated in Al Manar’s expansions in North Africa. Under his management, Al Manar won contracts from Global players like Honeywell and Total spearheading unprecedented growth and leading the North African markets.


CSO of Al Manar Group

Mohamed is an Economics graduate from the AUC who joined Al Manar back in 1997 as a fresh graduate for 2 years, then left to start a 15 years journey in different areas of the IT field where he was the founder of some startups in e-commerce and IT trade. He finally re-joined Al Manar in 2014 to be responsible of the support functions and business development.

Hany Afia

Hany Afia

CEO Royal & Nabta

With an Economics degree from Cairo University and over 25 yrs local and international experience in Finance, Strategy, Planning and Senior Management. Hany held various roles in famous companies like Shell Marketing Egypt, Kraft Foods International –Dubai, Austria, Egypt, Citadel, and was also a Board Member in various companies.

Mohamed El Sherif

Mohamed El Sherif

Founder of IronWood

A Mechanical Engineering Bachelor degree from the AUC and Masters in Business Administration  from the AUC as well, Mohamed worked in prestigious companies such as  LOGIC Management Consulting, Egyptian Drilling Company, Egyptian Maintenance Company, BP, Qatari Diar, Egyptian Ministry of Industry, and Bain & Co.




Aly worked in prestigious international companies and groups such as Shell. He also held important roles in higher management category such as a Board Member and Vice Chairman of Peco Energy Group,  Chairman of Peco Logistics, and GM of North Africa Petronas. He is currently a Board Member of AL Manar Group.